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Analysis Programs for Single-Channel Patch Clamp Data



The Kiel-Patch/downhill analysis package was developed in our lab since 1990 by several generations of Diploma- and PhD-students. 

All programs run under Windows/Dos.

You are greatly encouraged to download and test the software. You may also use it for your research and publications. In that case, we would be happy if you would let us know about it.

You may not use this software for commercial purposes.

contact: uphansen @ or schroeder @ (remove spaces)




A graphical analysis program for single (and multi) channel patch clamp data.

Kiel-Patch screenshot
  • Clean interface, nothing distracts you from the data

  • Im- and Export of time series in ascii format

  • Data display (time series and amplitude histogram) with stepless zoom and customizable averaging filters.

  • Easy editing of the time series (i.e. cutting out membrane flickering before further analysis)

  • Hinkley detector for jump detection and determination of the open probability (1st order, 4th order and sublevel detector)

  • 1- and 2-dimensional dwell-time fit

  • simulation of time series

  • export of distributions-per-level ("open point distribution")

  • and more



An interactive fit of Beta distributions to amplitude histograms.

  • Dialogue is in DOS window, results are displayed in gnuplot automatically.

  • Automatic (simplex) or manual fitting of the rate constants of the Markov model

  • Weighing factors

  • Each parameter can either be fixed or free for the Simplex to fit.

  • Manual adjustment of the single channel current

  • Data format is plain 1-column ascii.



Command line program for the direct fit of the time series (hidden Markov fit) of single and multi-channel time series.

Data must be in the Kiel-Patch binary format.



Command line program for simulation of single- and multi-channel time series and amplitude histograms from a given Markov model, including noise and filter response. The newest version also allows for shot noise (resulting from the statistical nature of ion flow). 

Data output is in the Kiel-Patch binary format.

For a more detailed description, please see the manual or Schröder and Hansen (2009).



Little command line tool that calculates the steady state occupation probabilities of a Markov model defined in the set file.

Note: This program is so ancient, it needs a DOS emulator under WinXP/Vista. I recommend DOSBox. (If P_steady crashes the DosBox, try another version, I have this problem for instance with 0.72, but 0.63 works.)


Last Update ( Tuesday, 14. Jul. 2008 )